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If you like the process of creation and art,
want to take part in an ancient tradition,
to feel the material in the hands and give it life,
We invite you to come to our blacksmith workshop - "HaBarzalia" in Kibbutz Ruhama!

קורסים וסדנאות
Lectures and demonstrations of blacksmithing and forging in iron at Kibbutz Ruhama

Lectures and demonstrations

 Experiential blacksmithing workshops for couples, groups and families

blacksmithing workshop

Blacksmithing course

Blacksmithing course


The world of blacksmithing

Forging is one of the oldest fields of craftsmanship, estimated to have originated around 1500 years before the common era in the Middle East during the Iron Age.

Classical modern forging involves heating hard iron until it becomes more malleable through coal-fueled bellows and shaping it using basic tools, including a hammer, an anvil, and various auxiliary instruments, infusing life into the material.

Our workshops provide a glimpse into the captivating world of ancient art, offering personal enrichment and a unique experience.

About the place and Amnon...

The Blacksmithing workshop "HaBarzelia" is located in Kibbutz Ruchama in the northern Negev, housed in an authentic building with a unique history. The ironworks is managed by Amnon Greenspan, a skilled blacksmith with over 20 years of experience in both traditional and modern forging.

צרו קשר

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