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"I like to capture moments from nature and breathe new life into them through metal and fire"

Amonon grinshpan - blacksmith artist

Since Then...
My first encounter with the world of blacksmithing occurred in a small blacksmith workshop in Australia during my visit in the year 2000. I was captivated by the ability to transform hard and strong iron into a malleable material that could be shaped and brought to life through blacksmithing. The hot iron, the rhythmic sound of the hammer on the anvil, and the speed at which the material changed its shape and gained new life fascinated me. It was a driving moment that changed my life. From then until today, I have been involved and delved into the field of blacksmithing.
I learned from esteemed masters both in Israel and around the world, including John West, Uri Hofi, Amnon Golan, Shlomo Arel, and the iron trainer Moshe Katz, from whom I drew significant inspiration for my creations.
Over the years, I have developed a unique style that combines delicacy and precision with the uncompromising strength of iron. I have participated in international competitions in Britain and Italy, and one of my works was selected for display in a local museum in Italy.


And to this day...

Today, I manage the "HaBarzelia" blacksmithing workshop in Kibbutz Ruchama, housed in an authentic building with a unique history. In this space, I conduct workshops and courses in classical blacksmithing, offering live demonstrations for visiting groups. The basic blacksmithing course is designed to impart knowledge in classical blacksmithing while using traditional blacksmithing tools. Beyond expanding horizons and providing enjoyment, this knowledge enables participants, upon course completion, to independently carry out blacksmithing projects.

In the blacksmithing workshops, small groups, couples, families, or workplace teams can create in an intimate atmosphere, combining teamwork with enjoyment and humor. The products created during the workshop remain in the hands of the participants for their enjoyment.

The lectures for visiting groups include live demonstrations of blacksmithing, accompanied by fascinating explanations about the world of blacksmithing and the history of the place.

"Blacksmithing workshops inspire and unveil the ancient artistry's charm".

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