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Blacksmith workshops
Family and social events at "HaBarzelia"

Participate in an ancient, fascinating, and unique experience with personal blacksmithing workshops for individuals, couples, families, and friends. Celebrate birthdays, weddings, team-building days for employees, and more at "HaBarzelia."

In this unique setting, in an intimate atmosphere, I will share the world of blacksmithing and guide you through the actual creation process of an item you can make with your own hands. The workshop provides a glimpse into the world of iron forging using traditional methods.

The target audience is men and women, couples or groups interested in getting to know the field of blacksmithing, understanding and experiencing the fascinating process of working with hot and soft iron as part of a social event celebration.

We can plan in advance which item will be forged according to the event and participants. Among the possible items: forged knives, various hangers (key hanger, clothes hanger, plant hanger), bottle openers, pendants, oil lamps, and more.

More info:

  • The workshops are intended for anyone over the age of 12

  • Number of participants: 2-10

  • Length of the workshop: about 4 hours.

  • No need to bring equipment or tools. All participants will be provided with the necessary equipment and tools.

  • You can enjoy cold beer, coffee, tea and cake.

  • For those interested, there is an area in the blacksmith shop that allows you to organize a meal as well as a smokehouse for smoking meat.

  • The cost of the workshop: 400 NIS per person

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