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A glimpse into the world of blacksmithing
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Demonstration and explanation to groups of visitors

 "The Barzalia" is located in an authentic building in Kibbutz Ruhama. The building has a unique and long history. 

Come and take a walk in the area of Kibbutz Ruhama, you can go back in time and visit the "site of the first ones", enjoy the nature in the benefits of Ruhama and enter the barzalia located inside the kibbutz and hear a fascinating lecture about the world of blacksmithing which includes an actual demonstration of the blacksmith's work and the participation of some of the audience.  

With the sounds of the hammer on the anvil in the background, I will explain and tell you about the fascinating world of blacksmithing, about historical events and the local people.

You can enjoy coffee, tea and cold water.

  • The length of the lecture is about an hour

  • There is plenty of parking

  • There is access to the bathroom and a coffee corner

  • Maximum number of participants: 40

  • The length of the lecture: about an hour

  • Cost per group: for a group up to 16 people 400 NIS, for groups over 16 people 25 NIS per person. 

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