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Basic blacksmithing course
Basic blacksmithing course

The purpose of the course is to provide the student with basic knowledge of classical blacksmithing while using traditional blacksmith tools. Beyond broadening horizons and enjoyment, this knowledge will allow the student, at the end of the course, to carry out blacksmithing projects independently in my workshop or another blacksmith shop.

The course includes a theoretical background in the field of blacksmithing and iron metallurgy, ergonomic and efficient work methods, heating methods, correct use of work tools and of course practice and practical work to create various blacksmith elements.  


More info:

  • Physical strength is not a limitation and the course is intended for women and men aged 14 and over. 

  • Each student will work on an anvil and personal dedicated tools.

  • All participants will be provided with the necessary equipment and tools, including an apron and goggles, as well as all the tools and equipment needed for the activity.

  • The course is limited to a small number of students (up to 7) in order to allow a personal relationship.

  • The course includes a total of  32 hours during 8 4-hour sessions. 

  • Session No. 8 is a session in which the student will be able to apply what he learned to a personal project of his choice

  • The cost of the course is NIS 2750

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